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On Armor

On Armor tells three important and interconnected stories. The first is a tale of a technology, in particular, the rise and fall of the main battle tank a type of armored vehicle that came to dominate land warfare in the middle of the 20th century but is now obsolete. The second is a history of […]


This is an introduction to the evolution of the tank across the 20th century covering both its capabilities as a weapons system and its strategic use on the battlefield. It includes a reference section on 100 20th-century tank models developed since World War I.

Camp Colt to Desert Storm

The tank revolutionized the battlefield in World War II. In the years since, additional technological developments including nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, computer assisted firing, and satellite navigation have continued to transform the face of combat. The only complete history of U.S. armed forces from the advent of the tank in battle during World War I […]