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Changing the Rules of the Game

Few industries fit the description of high turbulence and high velocity better than the computer games industry. Relatively young, rapidly evolving, and frequently experiencing disruptive innovation, its potential for growth and new business opportunities seems barely exhausted. And indeed, in the current economic climate this industry seems positively recession-proof. Those making and those playing games […]

Porn & Pong

“A stimulating look at two of today’s most controversial subjects. . . . Sure to amaze and titillate anyone who’s ever hoisted a videogame controller.”—CNN Tech Correspondent Scott SteinbergNo book until Porn & Pong has explored how pornography and video games have influenced America’s sexual mores and technological compulsions on a massive scale.The first Atari […]


Oil and natural gas are now acknowledged to be the driving forces of international politics. What has not yet been fully explored is how their delivery affects global geopolitics._x000D__x000D_Pipelines, once built, create new diplomatic realities – some states are newly connected, others isolated. Some states benefit economically; others lose out. Often new energy supply routes […]

Tears of Mermaids

A round, luminescent pearl is the simplest and most perfect gem. Columbus sought and found this precious jewel coveted by his Spanish sovereigns, sparking popularity throughout Europe. Fashion icons Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Grace, and Michelle Obama cherished them, making them iconic. And designer Coco Chanel raised them to new heights, bringing pearls fake and real […]

Packaging Boyhood

Player. Jock. Slacker. Competitor. Superhero. Goofball. Boys are besieged by images in the media that encourage slacking over studying; competition over teamwork; power over empower – ment; and being cool over being yourself. From cartoons to video games, boys are bombarded with stereotypes about what it means to be a boy, including messages about violence, […]

Creative Industries in China

Creative industries in China provides a fresh account of China’s emerging commercial cultural sector. The author shows how developments in Chinese art, design and media industries are reflected in policy, in market activity, and grassroots participation. Never has the attraction of being a media producer, an artist, or a designer in China been so enticing. […]

Oil Information

A comprehensive reference book on current developments in oil supply and demand. The first part of this publication contains key data on world production, trade, prices, and consumption of major oil product groups, with time series back to the early 1970s. The second part gives a more detailed and comprehensive picture of oil supply, demand, […]

Understanding Equine Business Basics

Understanding Equine Business Basics provides an overview of issues and potential problems that confront every owner of a horse business. Authors Milton C. Toby and Karen L. Perch discuss ownership options, maintaining business records, and employer-employee relations. They also discuss issues related to buying and selling horses, the importance of insurance, and tax ramifications for […]

Trading in Oil Futures and Options

Trading in oil futures and options is an introduction to price risk management in the worldwide oil industry. With numerous practical examples, it requires no prior knowledge and should be read by everyone involved in the industry.Although aimed primarily at those new to risk management it will also provide a useful theoretical background to more […]