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The Intellectual’s Checklist

Can you name: All five movements of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis. Check. The films that Kurosawa based on Western works. Check. Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell. Check. If so, you’re off to an edifying start–but that’s just round one in this hard-hitting match of wits and wisdom. Take the formidable plunge–and find out if you are […]

The Art Of Rhetoric

In The Art of Rhetoric, Aristotle demonstrates the purpose of rhetoric the ability to convince people using your skill as a speaker rather than the validity or logic of your arguments and outlines its many forms and techniques. Defining important philosophical terms like ethos, pathos, and logos, Aristotle establishes the earliest foundations of modern understanding […]

Understand Humanism: Teach Yourself

Understand Humanism is the definitive introduction to this diverse and increasingly prominent philosophy. This guide teaches you everything you need to know about humanism, from it’s ancient origins and key figures, to humanist answers to pressing modern issues, like climate change and identity politics.NOT GOT MUCH TIME?One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to […]

Hindu Goddesses

Goddess worship has long been a significant aspect of Hinduism. In this book David Kinsley, author of The Sword and the Flute Kali & Krsna: Dark Visions of the Terrible and the Sublime in Hindu Mythology, sorts out the rich yet often chaotic history of Hindu goddess worship.

Superheroes and Philosophy

The comic book naratives of superheroes wrestle with profound and disturbing issues in original ways: the definitions of good and evil, the limits of violence as an effective means, the perils of enforcing justice outside the law, the metaphysics of personal identity, and the definition of humanity.Superheroes and Philosophy tackles these and other philosophical questions […]

James Bond and Philosophy

Bond. James Bond.” Since Sean Connery first uttered that iconic phrase in Dr. No, more than one quarter of the world’s population has seen a 007 film. Witty and urbane, Bond seduces and kills with equal ease often, it seems, with equal enthusiasm. This enthusiasm, coupled with his freedom to do what is forbidden to […]

Of Myth, Life, and War in Plato’s Republic

„Baracchi has identified pivotal points around which the Republic operates; this allows a reading of the entire text to unfold…. a very beautifully written book.“ — Walter Brogan“… a work that opens new and timely vistas within the Republic…. Her approach… is thorough and rigorous.“ — John SallisAlthough Plato’s Republic is perhaps the most influential […]

Flying Leap

Flying Leap is a book about many things. The main character embarks on a journey of discovery through an unusual circumstance, a conversation that questions everything and every thing. Through this process the protagonist and the reader find themselves looking at life anew. In the tradition of Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael or Richard Bach’s Illusions, Flying […]

A Vindication of Love

„A fierce and lively book. . . .This is one of those rare books that could make people think about their intimate lives in a new way.“ New York Times Book Review “A rousing defense of imprudent ardor and romantic excess. . . . It’s difficult to deny that [Nehring] is on to something.” Wall […]