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Eine Frau und die Mathematik 1933–1940

Hel Braun (1914-1986) ist eine der wenigen, international bekannten Mathematikerinnen. Sie studierte in Frankfurt und Marburg von 1933 bis 1937 zusammen mit C. L. Siegel, wohl einem der bedeutendsten Mathematiker dieses Jahrhunderts. 1938 ging sie nach Göttingen. Siegel verließ bekanntlich 1940 Göttingen und nahm einen Lehrstuhl in Princeton am Institute for Advanced Studies an. Der […]

Das Zweite Rechenbuch Von Adam Ries

Adam Rles Leben und Werk.- Der Text des 2. Rechenbuch. In moderner Fassung.- Der formale und Inhaltliche Aufbau des Rechenbuchs.- Kommentar.- Metrologlscher Anhang.- 1. Geldwerte.- 2. Gewichte (ggf. mit Warenangaben).- 3. Feingewichte.- 4. Längenmaße (ggf. mit Warenangaben).- 5. Hohlmaße (ggf. mit Warenangaben).- 6. Handelsübliche Lieferformen für bestimmte Waren, ggf. mit Angaben über die Taren.- 7. […]

Lehrbuch der Analysis

Bei der Abfassung des zweiten Bandes meines Lehrbuches der Analysis bin ich den­ selben Grundsatzen gefolgt, die fUr den ersten bestimmend waren: Ich wollte die Theorie ausfUhrlich und faBlich darstellen, ausgiebig motivieren und durch viele Beispiele und Ubungen zum sicheren Besitz des Lesers machen. AuBerdem wollte ich Brticken schlagen zu den Anwendungen analytischer Methoden in […]

Chua’s Circuit

For uninitiated researchers, engineers, and scientists interested in a quick entry into the subject of chaos, this book offers a timely collection of 55 carefully selected papers covering almost every aspect of this subject. Because Chua's circuit is endowed with virtually every bifurcation phenomena reported in the extensive literature on chaos, and because it is […]

The Cambridge Companion to Frege

Gottlob Frege (1848–1925) was unquestionably one of the most important philosophers of all time. He trained as a mathematician, and his work in philosophy started as an attempt to provide an explanation of the truths of arithmetic, but in the course of this attempt he not only founded modern logic but also had to address […]

Circuit Double Cover of Graphs

The famous Circuit Double Cover conjecture (and its numerous variants) is considered one of the major open problems in graph theory owing to its close relationship with topological graph theory, integer flow theory, graph coloring and the structure of snarks. It is easy to state: every 2-connected graph has a family of circuits covering every […]

Farm Animals

This reader is designed to teach students how to sort and classify. Students view a group of farm animals and are asked to sort the animals in some way. The following page shows the animals sorted by the category so students can self-check. The reader covers sorting by color, size, speed, and number.

Games Are Fun

This reader describes the patterns that can be made with games. From the pattern found on a checkerboard to creating your own pattern on the tic-tac-toe board, students will see a variety of patterns in many different games. Photographs clearly show a variety of patterns using various objects. Letters under the objects clearly label the […]

In the Garden

In this reader, students find out what grows in a garden and about animal life in gardens. Students count to find out how many there are and then compare the quantities with other things found in the garden. Students learn about the comparing terms: more, less, and equal.

The Pet Store

This reader uses the setting of a pet store to teach counting. Students count animals from one to twenty. Each page contains the target numeral and corresponding number of pets. Students read the number word and a description of each animal within the text on the page.