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A Communication Universe

A Communication Universe: Manifestations of Meaning, Stagings of Significance presents a new theoretical understanding of communication. Igor E. Klyukanov conceptualizes the process of communication in terms of space and time, i.e., as a continuous process of meaningful spatiotemporal transformation. He goes on to examine four fundamental transformations and the four theoretical perspectives on the nature […]

Militainment, Inc.

Militainment, Inc. offers provocative, sometimes disturbing insight into the ways that war is presented and viewed as entertainment or „militainment“ in contemporary American popular culture. War has been the subject of entertainment for centuries, but Roger Stahl argues that a new interactive mode of militarized entertainment is recruiting its audience as virtual-citizen soldiers. The author […]

Convergence and Fragmentation

Convergence under pressure leads to fragmentation. Therefore, the role of the newest information and communication technologies and formats in a changing Europe must be analysed not only in terms of optimistic market projections but also in terms of realistic trends toward complementary fragmentations.

The Ultimate Celebrity Quiz Book

Which celebrity once told the world that she just wanted one day off to go swimming, eat ice cream and look at rainbows? Who can make you Fit in 30 Days? Which famous couple’s children are called Kingston and Zuma? And what in the world are Juggalos? Actors, singers, royals, perfumes, breakdowns, crazy purchases, weddings […]

2012 – The Quiz of the Year

2012 has been an eventful year. The London Olympics, the US Presidential elections, the prophecy that the world will end… all of these things have made the news. But do you remember the details? Featured in this quiz are 120 questions covering the news, sport, royalty, films, music, TV and much more. Play by yourself […]

Reviving the Fourth Estate

The news media is traditionally the watchdog of democracy. Today, it is also one of the most pervasive global industries. In this lively and accessible book, Schultz systematically analyses the role of journalism in Australia and the scope of its democratic purpose. She examines key news stories, and looks at the attitudes of Australian journalists […]

Researching Language and Social Media

Social Media is fast becoming a key area of linguistic research. This highly accessible guidebook leads students through the process of undertaking research in order to explore the language that people use when they communicate on social media sites.This textbook provides: An introduction to the linguistic frameworks currently used to analyse language found in social […]

Writing Feature Stories

‘To write, we must read. To write well, we must study the best. Matthew Ricketson has done that distilling essentials of the craft into a practical text equally valuable to the learner and the practising professional‘. Andrew Rule, Walkley Award-winning journalist. ‚Matthew Ricketson’s book is both useful and thought provoking. For the young reporter struggling […]


It's a rare comic character who can make audiences laugh for well over half a century–but then again, it's a pretty rare cartoon hero who can boast of forearms thicker than his waist, who can down a can of spinach in a single gulp, or who generally faces the world with one eye squinted completely […]