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Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking

Master today’s toolmaking equipment Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic and digital controls, is the ultimate guide to automated machines and toolmaking. Whether you’re a professional machinist, an apprentice, or a trade student, this fully illustrated volume helps you work with metal-safely, precisely, efficiently-using today’s tools and techniques. It’s packed with review […]

Adventures from the Technology Underground

The technology underground is a thriving, humming, and often literally scintillating subculture of amateur inventors and scientific envelope-pushers who dream up, design, and build machines that whoosh, rumble, fly and occasionally hurl pumpkins across enormous distances. In the process they astonish us with what is possible when human imagination and ingenuity meet nature’s forces and […]

The Liquid Piston Engine

This title will be released on November 1, 2016.

Inleiding tot het Hoogovenproces

Dit boek beschrijft het hoogovenproces voor productiepersoneel. Het hoogovenproces wordt aanvankelijk omschreven als het smelten van ijzererts. Geleidelijk aan verduidelijken de auteurs de fysische, chemische en metallurgische achtergronden. Procesproblemen en de oplossingen daarvoor worden vanuit die achtergronden beschreven. Optimalisatie van het proces wordt niet alleen bepaald door “Best Practice Transfer”, maar vereist eveneens, dat de […]

System Engineering Management

A practical, step-by-step guide to total systems management Systems Engineering Management, Fifth Edition is a practical guide to the tools and methodologies used in the field. Using a „total systems management“ approach, this book covers everything from initial establishment to system retirement, including design and development, testing, production, operations, maintenance, and support. This new edition […]

The Kinematics of Machinery

This classic work explores the kinematics of machinery, chronicling the discovery and application of principles underlying the controlled movements within machines. Franz Reuleaux, the Father of Kinematics, writes with authority and precision about his original and incisive ideas, which have endured for more than a century. Developing the subject from its fundamentals, Reuleaux begins with […]

Decentralized Control of Complex Systems

Complex systems require fast control action in response to local input, and perturbations dictate the use of decentralized information and control structures. This much-cited reference book explores the approaches to synthesizing control laws under decentralized information structure constraints.Starting with a graph-theoretic framework for structural modeling of complex systems, the text presents results related to robust […]

Novel Process Windows

This book introduces the concept of novel process windows, focusing on cost improvements, safety, energy and eco-efficiency throughout each step of the process. The first part presents the new reactor and process-related technologies, introducing the potential and benefit analysis. The core of the book details scenarios for unusual parameter sets and the new holistic and […]

Loop-shaping Robust Control

The loop-shaping approach consists of obtaining a specification in relation to the open loop of the control from specifications regarding various closed loop transfers, because it is easier to work on a single transfer (in addition to the open loop) than on a multitude of transfers (various loopings such as set point/error, disturbance/error, disturbance/control, etc.). […]

Forecasting and Management of Technology

Published in 1991, the first edition of Forecasting and Management of Technology was one of the leading handful of books to deal with the topic of forecasting of technology and technology management as this discipline was emerging. The new, revised edition of this book will build on this knowledge in the context of business organizations that […]