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Spanish Without Words

You don’t need words to speak Spanish. All you really need is this unique „phrase book“ of the most common Spanish expressions, complete with authentic Spanish gestures and body language. It’s the fastest and funniest way to learn Spanish ever published.You don’t need words to speak Spanish. You don’t have to study Spanish, or travel […]

The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book

Aha! It’s ‘The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book’ 100 questions featuring Norwich’s very own broadcasting legend and embarrassing son. Test your knowledge on all twelve episodes of ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ from his pro-longed stay at the Linton Travel Tavern to his static caravan days with Sonja, his Ukrainian girlfriend. This excellent book also […]

The Steptoe and Son Quiz Book

Those world famous rag and bone men – Albert and Harold Steptoe are back in this original and entertaining quiz book based on the award winning BBC TV sitcom. The show’s’ creators and writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson have penned an exclusive ‘Foreword’ to sit alongside the six hundred questions that cover all 57 […]

The Bluffer’s Guide to Insider Hollywood

From the ‚Monroes‘ to the ‚Mansons‘ and the ‚starlets‘ and the stars‘, The Bluffer’s Guide to Insider Hollywood contains all the insider secrets to make sure you fit in up in the hills, darling.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Bond

Be an instant expert on Bond and bluff your way with 007 aficionados. There is no risk required, just a sense of humour. From ‚Bond’s lifestyle‘ to his ‚one-liners‘, and from ‚the line to take‘ to ‚the link with JFK‘, here’s the guide that gives you a licence to thrill in any company.

How Do Astronauts Wee in Space?

DID YOU KNOW THAT. . . HUMANS have sent JELLYFISH into SPACE, or that there is a PLANET made of ICE that’s on FIRE?DO YOU WANT TO KNOW . . . Why SPACE smells like RASPBERRIES?AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS . . . With PLANETS made from DIAMONDS, STARS that could destroy our SOLAR SYSTEM and how […]

Where’s Karl?

Find Karl Lagerfeld in fifteen fashion-filled illustrated scenes!Always on the go, Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere and nowhere all at once. Now, fictional fashion blogger Florence de la Sabine (you can call her Fleur) must find him – surely an interview with him will set her website apart from the rest. But where will he turn […]

The Completely Useless Guide to Christmas

Did you know that Santa used to wear a blue tricorn hat and yellow stockings before he traded it in for his trademark red suit?Did you know that chocolate coins are now available in pound sterling and euro currencies? And did you know that it would be far healthier to eat your vitamin-packed Christmas tree […]

I Love Charts

Ever shared, laughed at, cried over, or thrown darts at a chart? Have you ever put together a report and thought, „gee, I could use a chart here.“ Then I Love Charts: The Book is the perfect addition to your collection. Based on the highly successful humor blog, this compilation includes the best never-before-seen charts. […]