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The Labor of Luck

In this gripping ethnography, Jeffrey J. Sallaz goes behind the scenes of the global casino industry to investigate the radically different worlds of work and leisure he found in identically designed casinos in the United States and South Africa. Seamlessly weaving political and economic history with his own personal experience, Sallaz provides a riveting account […]

Larceny Games

Major League Baseball claims it hasn’t had a game fixed by gamblers since 1919. No points have been shaved in the NBA since 1954. And the NFL states no game of theirs has come under outside influence ever. These, however, are lies. The proof resides in FBI files only recently uncovered and discussed in Larceny […]

Casino Industry in Asia Pacific

This single volume gives you comprehensive information on Asia-Pacific gaming!Casino Industry in Asia Pacific: Development, Operation, and Impact is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive review of the gaming industry in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This valuable resource thoroughly details the history, the operational issues, and the impact of casino gaming in Australia, Korea, Macao, and […]

Gaming in the New Market Environment

In the past decade gaming markets have evolved rapidly. Spearheading this change has been the internet, which has enabled cross-border gambling on an unprecedented scale. State-owned lottery companies have legal monopolies in almost all European countries, but the increase in cross-border gambling trade places them in a difficult position.This book presents the key issues in the gaming debate, including: taxation […]

Double or Nothing

If Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had come of age at the end of the 20th century looking for an all-American adventure, they probably would’ve headed for Vegas. They’d have been hard-pressed to go on a wilder ride than the one taken by Tom Breitling and Tim Poster to the top of the famed Golden […]

Sports Betting to Win

Thinking, and betting, like the pros „Most people in sports betting are looking at things the wrong way.“ Peter Webb – founder of Bet Angel „Some people only ever seem to want to hit the sexy six, and not take the singles“ Compton Hellyer – founder of Sporting Index This is a book that teaches […]

The Foundations of Football Betting

This book is the first in a series of short, simple, no-nonsense guides to profitable betting on the football markets. It is dedicated to explaining and instilling the fundamentals of successful football betting in everyone who reads it. This eBook, and the wider Premier Betting series, is firmly aimed at the casual punter who enjoys […]

QuickBooks for the Restaurant

A step-by-step guide to tracking revenue and expenses, QuickBooks for the Restaurant provides detailed instructions on how to apply the various functions of QuickBooks to control expenses, increase profits, and make informed management decisions. This comprehensive guide contains practical and realistic industry scenarios and practice problems with a section on the simulated financial activity of […]

Tourism Management

In 2013 the World Tourism Organization reported that more than one billion international overnight tourist trips occurred globally during the previous year. Aside from the impressive number, the achievement was even more remarkable given the lingering effects of the global financial crisis. It is proof indeed of the tourism sector’s great resilience, as well as […]