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200+ Free Scanned Sanskrit Ebooks from Archaeological Survey of India

The Archaeological Survey of India ( digitized over 200 Sanskrit documents at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). You may find all of these documents in PDF format in both English and Sanskrit languages. All of these ebooks are listed down in a straightforward list which can be easily downloaded.

Days Of The Knights

Encourage a life-long love of reading with this level 4 DK ReaderDiscover the historical world of castles and battles with the bright and colourful Days Of The Knights. Slashing swords, shining armour, knights locked in deadly battle – the mighty castle is under siege!Level 4 readers have fascinating stories that will capture the interest of […]

Astronaut – Living in Space

Now in PDF.Take a trip into space with this Level 2 ReaderIn this exciting and informative DK Reader, follow Linda the astronaut and her crew into space and find out how they live. With Astronaut – Living in Space your child will discover how astronauts eat, drink and deal with zero-gravity, as well as starting […]


With the rise of new technologies and media, the way we communicate is rapidly changing. Literacies provides a comprehensive introduction to literacy pedagogy within today’s new media environment. It focuses not only on reading and writing, but also on other modes of communication, including oral, visual, audio, gestural and spatial. This focus is designed to […]

Survivors The Night the Titanic Sank

Now in ebook format, this is a static, generic epub.Will Tate and his family set sail for America. But they are on board the Titanic, the „unsinkable“ ship, which is heading for disaster! Stunning DK images combine with lively illustrations and engaging age-appropriate stories in this ebook – a multi-level reading programme guaranteed to capture […]

Mi país (My Country)

Children will be inspired to tell their own stories with this wordless book, filled with engaging, colorful images that show children visiting iconic landmarks across the United States.

Tales of the Dead Ancient China

This gripping combination of fact and fiction, will have you on the edge of your seat It’s the third century BCE, China has been unified by a powerful emperor. But some of the conquered want him dead… Plucked from his peaceful life, 11 year old Shen suddenly finds himself favourite musician at the court of […]

The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book

Aha! It’s ‘The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book’ 100 questions featuring Norwich’s very own broadcasting legend and embarrassing son. Test your knowledge on all twelve episodes of ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ from his pro-longed stay at the Linton Travel Tavern to his static caravan days with Sonja, his Ukrainian girlfriend. This excellent book also […]

How to Kick Someone’s Ass

Giving difficult news clearly and sensitively is no easy task. However, there are ways to say the right thing at the right time. 500 Letters for Difficult Situations offers helpful templates for when you need to say something tactfully and gracefully. Inside, you’ll find letters to guide you through the most challenging communications, including how […]