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Rethinking Aging

For those fortunate enough to reside in the developed world, death before reaching a ripe old age is a tragedy, not a fact of life. Although aging and dying are not diseases, older Americans are subject to the most egregious marketing in the name of „successful aging“ and „long life,“ as if both are commodities. […]

Brain Longevity

In the tradition of Andrew Weil’s bestseller Spontaneous Healing, and aimed at the 78 million baby boomers hitting the „memory barrier“, this is a physician’s breakthrough medical program for the brain designed to diminish the effect of memory impairment caused by stress, aging, and Alzheimer’s disease.As we grow older and experience the stresses of life, […]


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the rate of growth of the elderly population defined as individuals age 65 or greater increased by a factor of 11 in the past century, from 3 million in 1900 to 33 million in 1994. During the same time period, the total population only tripled. By the year 2030, […]

Art Therapy with Older Adults

This book constitutes an important step in demonstrating that art therapy is a unique offering for persons aged sixty-five years and older, giving the potential for enrichment and healing in those lives. Describing the various ways in which art therapy can be used in the treatment of mental and emotional problems of older adults, the […]


Aging does not occur in isolation but is a reflection of societal attitudes and resulting practical outcomes. Practical responses are principally the purview of engineering, technology, and the biomedical sciences, while the societal attitudes represent the ethical, philosophical, and social bases of the culture. Together they provide the inevitable link between the fields of gerontology […]

Good Pharmacovigilance Practice Guide

This essential reference guide relates to pharmacovigilance of medicinal products for human use. It complements currently available EU legislation and guidance and provides practical advice to key stakeholders, in particular Marketing Authorisation Holders, about achieving an appropriate system of pharmacovigilance.Contents include: roles and responsibilities of the EEA Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance managing case reports and […]

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics 7/E

An engaging introductory guide to the core topics in geriatric medicine “This is a valuable reference for those treating geriatric patients, providing well-reasoned expectations. It offers a common-sense approach in a medical system that is oriented to procedure numbers rather than focused on what a rational outcome is. Medicine owes a debt of gratitude to […]

Zukunft Altern

Alt werden will jeder. Alt sein nicht nicht unbedingt. Aber was heißen Alter und Altern? Wodurch ist unser Leben im Alter – jenseits von biologischen Faktoren –  bestimmt? A. Kruse und H.-W. Wahl, zwei führende Alternsforscher, vermitteln in diesem klar geschriebenen Buch anhand der Befunde moderner Forschung die Botschaft: Alter kann, je nach individueller und […]

Working with Toxic Older Adults

Older adults, like all individuals, have different personalities and temperaments. According to Dr. Davenport, toxicity in older adults manifests itself in negative behaviors and attitudes that can adversely impact interactions with health professionals, caregivers, and family members. Davenport presents theories and case examples to help us understand this phenomenon and provides useful techniques for caring […]

You and Your Aging Parent

First published in 1976, You and Your Aging Parent is a classic–the first book to shed light on the challenging relationship between adult children and their aging parents, illuminating the emotional, health, and financial difficulties that elderly parents and their children face during the senior years.Marking the 30th anniversary of this highly popular book, the […]