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Cloud & Ashes

Winner of the Tiptree Award and a Mythopoeic Award finalist, Cloud & Ashes is a slow whirlwind of language, a button box of words, a mythic fable that invites revisitation.Praise for Cloud & Ashes:“A rich poetic prose laden with fetching archaisms that’s unlike anything else being written today. Brilliant and truly innovative fiction, not to […]

The Dreams of Max & Ronnie

Iraq-bound young squaddie Ronnie takes something dodgy and falls asleep for three nights in a filthy hovel where he has the strangest of dreams. He watches the tattoed tribes of modern Britain assemble to speak with a grinning man playing war games. Arthurian legend merges with its twenty-first century counterpart in a biting commentary on […]


What would you do for revenge? To what lengths would you go? Would you destroy the man you loved or would you let him destroy you? La Ville des Dieux The city of the gods. It isn’t. It is a city full of evil, demons and devils that prey upon the weak, the vulnerable, the […]

Saviours of Oestend

Life on the prairie has never been easy, but now Oestend itself seems bent on destruction.Banished from the BarChi by the man he loves, Dante Pane must find a way to rebuild his life and heal his broken heart. Unable to love women, afraid to love men, Dante wants only to find some peace.But peace […]

Aflame in Camelot

Will the Lady Adelaide be consumed when dark intrigues threaten to set Arthur’s Camelot aflame or will the commoner whose heart Addie ensnares turn out to be her knight in shining armour, after all?Making his way to Camelot with his two closest friends in the stifling heat to participate in a weeks long Midsummer celebration, […]

Twenty Thousand Leagues

The Classics Exposed… Professor Pierre Aronnax, world-renowned Naturalist, is part of an elite team of men commissioned to investigate a series of attacks on international shipping. Are the attacks the work of some ancient sea monster, or is this „monster“ actually a manmade vessel? No one is certain, but either way, Pierre’s assignment is the […]

The Solstice Gift

How long can a human survive in the treacherous court of the winter fae, when even his allies are fighting for their lives? Dis is a changeling, a human stolen away from his own world as a child by the vicious winter fae. He’s survived to adulthood through a combination of luck and careful oversight […]

Summer’s Child

Will the distant but brutal past destroy a changeling’s hope for a better life with the Summer Fae?Dis, a human changeling, is tasked with delivering Oberon’s solstice gift to his estranged wife, Titania, at the Summer Court. Leaving behind the land where he barely survived to adulthood is harder than he expected it means leaving […]

Wandering Off the Path

On a moonlight walk down a shadowy forest path, Abigail discovers all she’s ever dreamed of in the form of one sexy Wolf. Abigail has always wanted more than a quiet life living with her grandmother has offered. The only thrills she has are her monthly trips to market. While returning from one of these […]

Once Upon a Starry Night

Corporate mogul, Tom Powers, decides to play The Prince and the Pauper for two weeks before Christmas. He exchanges places with Brian Bentley, who looks just like him, because he wants a chance to be an ordinary guy. But while living Brian’s life and doing his job, he meets Jordan Scott, and the explosive sex […]