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So You Think You Know Thomas Hardy?

How well do you really know your favourite author? Ace literary detective turned quizmaster John Sutherland challenges the reader to find out. Starting with easy, factual questions that test how well you remember a novel and its characters, the quiz progresses to a level of greater difficulty, demanding close reading and interpretative deduction. What really […]

Nonrequired Reading

Wislawa Szymborska’s poems are admired around the world, and her unsparing vision, tireless wit, and deep sense of humanity are cherished by countless readers. Unknown to most of them, however, Szymborska also worked for several decades as a columnist, reviewing a wide variety of books under the unassuming title „Nonrequired Reading.“As readers of her poems […]

Scribal Correction and Literary Craft

This extensive survey of scribal correction in English manuscripts explores what correcting reveals about attitudes to books, language and literature in late medieval England. Daniel Wakelin surveys a range of manuscripts and genres, but focuses especially on poems by Chaucer, Hoccleve and Lydgate, and on prose works such as chronicles, religious instruction and practical lore. […]

Politics and Value in English Studies

The current debate about the nature of English studies has questioned the status of English as a discipline. In this 1993 book, Josephine Guy and Ian Small set this so-called ‚crisis in English‘ within the larger context of disciplinary knowledge. They examine the teaching of English and literary studies in the United States and Britain, […]

The Genius of Language

Fifteen outstanding writers answered editor Wendy Lesser’s call for original essays on the subject of language–the one they grew up with, and the English in which they write.Despite American assumptions about polite Chinese discourse, Amy Tan believes that there was nothing discreet about the Chinese language with which she grew up. Leonard Michaels spoke only […]

Writings on the Sober Life

Alvise Cornaro (c.1484–1566) was the son of a Paduan innkeeper with presumed ties to the patrician Cornaro family of Venice. Highly ambitious, he acquired a name for himself as a businessman, architect, and patron of the arts. Critically ill around age 40 – likely with diabetes and gout – he resolved to abandon his intemperate […]

Arthurian Romance

This witty and accessible book traces the history of Arthurian romance from medieval to modern times, explaining its enduring appeal. Traces the history of Arthurian romance from medieval to modern times. Covers art and films as well as the great literary works of Arthurian romance. Draws out the changing political, moral and emotional uses of […]

Tolkien the Medievalist

Interdisciplinary in approach, Tolkien the Medievalist provides a fresh perspective on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Medievalism. In fifteen essays, eminent scholars and new voices explore how Professor Tolkien responded to a modern age of crisis – historical, academic and personal – by adapting his scholarship on medieval literature to his own personal voice. The four […]