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Heart Disease For Dummies

Find out how to prevent or reverse heart disease Heart disease is our number-one health threat. This handy pocket guide explains the many forms of the disease, describes the latest treatments and procedures, and tells you how to prevent or reverse the problems through lifestyle changes. Written by a highly experienced physician, this book is […]

Heart Health Answers at Your Fingertips

In this new edition of his widely acclaimed book, expert cardiologist Dr Graham Jackson shows that it is never too late to take action to strengthen your heart. Heart Health: Answers at your fingertips provides clear answers to over 400 real patient questions about coronary artery disease and its prevention and treatment.

Take It to Heart

“All my dreams, confidence, creativity, and healthy living could not protect me from where my heart was about to take me . . . which was not, as I’d often hoped, to the love of my life or all my dreams fulfilled, but to a 99 percent blockage of my arteries and triple bypass surgery. […]

Lowering High Blood Pressure

This book offers a tailored and holistic programme for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, distinguishing between three core types of hypertension: stress-type, abdominal-type, and chaos-type.Conventional treatments for high blood pressure often fail. Around half of patients who are prescribed medicines stop taking them, often because their doctor hasn’t taken a holistic view of […]

Body Signs

We all notice things about our bodies that don’t seem quite right. But when are these simply harmless physical quirks and when are they signs that a visit to the doctor is in order? This comprehensive and fascinating guide covers every body part from head to toe and everything in between to help you decode […]