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„Born in a Mighty Bad Land“

The figure of the violent man in the African American imagination has a long history. He can be found in 19th-century bad man ballads like „Stagolee“ and „John Hardy,“ as well as in the black convict recitations that influenced „gangsta“ rap. „Born in a Mighty Bad Land“ connects this figure with similar characters in African […]

Folktales of Egypt

In this book Hasan M. El-Shamy has gathered the first authentic new collection of modern Egyptian folk narratives to appear in nearly a century. El-Shamy’s English translations of these orally presented stories not only preserve their spirit, but give Middle Eastern lore the scholarly attention it has long deserved. „This collection of seventy recently collected […]

Voices from the Other World

Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz reaches back millennia to his homeland’s majestic past in this enchanting collection of early tales that brings the world of ancient Egypt face to face with our own times.From the Predynastic Period, where a cabal of entrenched rulers banish virtue in jealous defense of their status, to the Fifth Dynasty, where […]