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Urban myths. They could have happened anywhere, but you know they could all have happened in Glasgow. In this new collection of the best Glasgow urban myths, truth is often stranger than fiction, but can you work out which stories really did happen to a friend of a friend of an enemy of a friend of a friend? Glasgow urban myths, like the one about some Edinbuggers being occasionally pleasant, are as many and varied as Glaswegians themselves. And all the best are gathered in this collection of mirth and myth, like the one about the wasted willie and the pylon, or the one about the car thief and the opera tickets. Glasgow Urban Myths is full of all the hilarious stories that ever happened to a friend of a friend of an enemy of a friend of a friend in Glasgow – hard truths and blatant lies, albeit in a sort of hit and myth style, but you will laugh, and you will repeat them.

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