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The Idol of Paris

Memoir of the great actress/courtesan

The Man Shakespeare

A description of the life and works of Shakespeare by another renowned author

The Book of Impressions

For many years I have been accustomed to make notes on random leaves of the things in Life and Thought which have chanced to strike my attention. Such records of personal reaction to the outer and inner world have been helpful to my work, and so had their uses. But as one grows older the possibilities of these uses become more limited. One realises in the Autumn that leaves no longer have a vital function to perform; there is no longer any need why they should cling to the tree. So let them be scattered to the winds!

My Double Life

Memoir of the extraordinary actress and eccentric

Eventos importantes que cambiaron el pensamiento polítíco, educativi e idiológico en Panamá

Eventos importantes que cambiaron el pensamiento político, educativo e ideológico en advenimiento de una democracia en Panamá.

A Life in Intelligence: The Richard Helms Collection

„This collection of material by and about Richard Helms as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and Ambassador to Iran comprises the largest single release of Helms-related information to date.The documents, historical works, essays, interviews, photographs, and video offer an unprecedented wide-ranging look at the man and his career as the United States’ top intelligence official and one of its most important diplomats during a crucial decade of the Cold War.“

Clinical Veterinary Advisor

A consistent, easy-reference format allows for quick retrieval of practical, clinical information. A wealth of high-quality illustrations clearly demonstrates key concepts and procedures. Concise, at-a-glance format offers six books in one with these sections: Diseases and Disorders provides at-a-glance coverage of nearly 500 common medical problems, arranged alphabetically for immediate access. Each entry presents the […]