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Not Anywhere

Magic is science, it’s an art, it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s more intimate than you have ever imagined, but it is not a hall pass away from dangers or a sure fire way to avoid conflict. In fact, without the right perspective, magic might seem as if it itself were alive and conspiring against you, setting you up for failure and a catastrophe with every step. Or, conspiring to teach you to love with every breath. Join Jon and Loxy as they undergo there greatest challenges yet, to live, to love, and to thrive.

Legends Of Atalmor: The Caryn Chronicles Volume III

This is the third and shortest installment of the Legends of Atalmor series. Volumes I and II of the Caryn Chronicles have taken much longer than previously expected, they should be rolling out this year. This novella is a standalone work, however and does not require reading the others. Hope you like it.

Ship to Shore

Dave Buckingham, a DJ on a small radio station in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is feeling very disillusioned with his life. On his midnight show, every record he plays reminds him of Katharina, his Austrian sweetheart, who he lost touch with 19 years ago when they were both working on an offshore radio station on the North Sea. As his programme progresses, his memory works overtime, and then the most extraordinary sequence of events unfolds. Never underestimate the power of thought transmission, and never tempt fate. „A fast-paced, heart-warming tale with very real characters, which I hope you will find as exciting to read as I found to write – I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!“

Winter Trials

With Midwinter just around the corner, Mark’s Nanna decides that it is time he learnt more about his family heritage. Learning witchcraft shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Balancing school, magic, and the distractions of the gorgeous new guy, should make this a very interesting winter.


Detective Greg Loren faces his darkest hour in this thrilling prequel to Signs of Portents. With his career, joining his personal life on a downward slide toward oblivion, Loren is running out of time and patience. Pulled into yet another in an endless series of supernatural cases, he uncovers a series of grave robberies that are more than they seem.What is the Church of the Second Coming? And what does it have to do with Loren’s deceased wife, Beth?With everything on the line, will Loren sacrifice his future to reclaim his past? Will his partner and confidante, Soriya Greystone, stand with him or against him in his decision? No one walks away unscathed in this scintillating chapter of the Greystone series.

Baba Vanga’s Unique Natural Remedies

Baba Vanga’s Healing Practices is Baba Vanga’s gift to foresee is just one of her many talents. She became known as a phenomenon not only with her ability to see into the future, but also with the natural methods in healing diverse and serious illnesses. The prophetess is among the most popular and significant healers of the XXth century. In her practice, she used mainly methods from popular medicine, and she has left behind over 100 healing recipes, which, compiled together, represent a real encyclopedia of health.Some people think, that her talent was not so much in the ability to see into the future and the past, rather than to read correctly the natural signs and other miracles of nature. Baba Vanga used to meet her guests right in the garden, under the bright sun.


“We, meaning the Wizards, are descended from a broken past,” said Neldon. “The original order that we were, is unknown. I only know that we were once great.”Markul, a seventeen year old boy from a moon halfway across the galaxy is leading a very simple life, when one day his whole life is turned when he meets an old Wizard.The Wizard who introduces himself as Neldon, saves Markul from the wrath of an evil Sorcerer and leads him on a dangerous quest in search of some very special rings. Each of the five rings and a bracelet contain specific qualities and the Keeper of all of them have the powers to unlock the gateway to a very sacred place…

Ambush Alley

We expected too much in 1994. With the collapse of communism, we anticipated that the ANC under Mandela South Africa would subscribe to Western Democracy. For a while under him and later Mbeki, we did just that. We applied Western Economic Policies and stepped back from the precipice upon which we were finely balanced. Under Zuma that all changed. We are now in bed with Indian Gangsters, Russian Oligarchs, Chinese Colonialists, impoverished Brazilians and anyone else who will pay Zuma and his cronies enough money.Who stole my country?

The War of Wars

James Shinoman, a young Spaceflight Participant goes on a voyage with a team of space explorers. He finds love along the way, however, things get out of control and he is left to make sense of his experience during their mission.

The Price of Being With Sunita

When Psychic Eddie takes to the stage he\’s so obviously a fake our hero, Derek, thinks it\’s painful. But when a pretty woman he’s spied in the audience rings him up, he realises she\’s the real thing – after all, how else did she get his phone number? But what does she want with him? And how come after just being near her Derek can suddenly read minds too? And then there\’s the small question of the lottery ticket!Sunita\’s possibly the best thing that can ever happen to a man. She\’s the most beautiful, intelligent, mysterious, and life changing woman he\’s ever likely to meet, but strange things happen when she\’s around, and the longer you\’re with her the stranger they\’ll get. And not always in a good way.But that\’s the price of being,… with Sunita.